The Mexica Dancer is of Aztec origin. The Aztecs were successors to the
Toltecs and the Teotihuacánians in Central Mexico. The Hopis, Toltecs
and Aztecs all share a common language group known as the Uto-Aztecan
family. This language family is spread from Oregon to Panama. It seems that
the Uto-Aztecan language family is of greater geographical distribution than
the geographical boundaries that define Mesoamerica. The shield is impressed
with two "Rainbird" or "Thunderbird" styled motifs of Teotihuacán origin,
which are also common to the Southwest.

To many collectors the shape of the vase has the appearance of a Greek or
Roman amphora. However, all the elements of this form occur in prehistoric
ceramics of the Southwest: The body of the vase is from Hopi, the handles
from the Mesa Verde area and the rim from the Rio Grande area. © 1995