Pueblo Bonito
full arch Gila Shoulder
(18" diameter)

Corn Grinder/
Corn Maiden

(7" in height)

Artist's Creations

Al Qöyawayma hand forms rare and unique ceramic masterpieces. He uses the traditional coil technique and sculptural relief technique known as the repoussé. The theme of Al's work reflects "origins" of America's first people, architecture and civilizations. Al says that "the theme examines who we are as a people, our migrations, how we live and what is important to us". The shapes and motifs of each piece are reflected in the hues of natural hand processed clays from the high mesas of northern Arizona, U.S.A. The high relief produces dramatic light and shadow effects.

The following images are samples showing some of Al's creations. Information may also be obtained about current ceramic and bronze contacts. These photos are copyrighted. You may copy them for yourself but any duplication for commercial purposes in any form is prohibited. Further information is available for copyrights and other legal protections on Al's work.

Al's masterpieces are sought by collectors of contemporary fine art and museums throughout the United States of America.

Sun Doorway
Uxmal design,Teotihuacán vase
(14" in height)

full arch Gila Shoulder
(18" diameter)
Echo from the Past
Mexica on Teotihuacán
vase (15" in height)
Eagle's Nest
hourglass vase
(14" in height)